Release 26.04.2022

Release 26.04.2022

A quick summary of what we created last week for you.

Action Window

Do you want to know when you can spray / apply plant protection measures? databaum shows you the possible times based on your measure and weather forecast. The green slots are the possibilities.

Just go to the treatment tab in your field, change the values according to what you want to spray and select the best slot.

Fetch old Sencrop data

Did you join databaum late during the season but want to profit from the full disease prediction? No need to worry.

We can now retrieve your old data and import it into databaum. This feature is only enabled for admins. So if you need it, write us a short message and we'll import it for you.

Improve disease view

We improved the disease overview.

  1. The graph loads now faster. Especially on slow mobile connections.
  2. The graph remembers the axes you selected and uses them on the next day.
  3. Explanations are right there in the app.

Field Weather persistence

We store the official weather for every field. We'll use this to analyze anomalies and improve your disease prediction.

Small Bugfixes

  • We fixed the broken blog link in the footer
  • Some stations sent out multiple alerts receiving lots of data. That has been fixed.
  • The employer ID was not found in the admin backend for some users.
  • Fixed some vector graphics issue with IDs.

As always databaum wishes you successful and healty farming! Have a nice week!